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A couple of years ago, I published a series of CV Writing Expert Tips for ex-military Veterans (including Forces Leavers) as a series over 7 days, via my Twitter account. I’ve put links to the seven individually for you at the bottom of this page.

You can also get a huge amount of current and relevant information on CV Writing, Interview Success and many more through my books on Amazon. You can see a sample here:

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CV Writing Expert on Job Interview Success

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Interview Success from the CV Writing Expert

I’ve now updated this book and published it on Amazon for Kindle, but the content is broadly the same. Just better! Click on the link above.

Interview Success Made Simple: Preparation So Easy That Anyone Can Do It – Breeze the Interview, Get the Job! 

Want to make your next job interview an experience that is NOT a terrifying ordeal? Here’s how….

If you’re like most people, looking for a new job is difficult enough. Whether you’ve lost your job, experienced redundancy, are looking round for a new or better one, or are just starting out in employment, the next few weeks or months may be the most traumatic of your life.

They can also be the most exciting! Because a new job spells fresh opportunity, more money, new friends, new challenges, maybe even travel to experience other cultures.

But first you have to get through the Personal Hell called the Job Interview.

Scary Stuff!

Many of us would rather be caught naked in the high street in rush hour, or recite poetry from memory on national television, than go through the gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking, vomit-inducing experience of the Job Interview.

The very idea of one or more strangers (who appear to be marauding sadists trying to trip you up at every turn) asking interview questions about your work history (or lack of it), personal goals and aspirations, and ‘what you can bring to the company’ is enough to send us into fits of sweaty horror! Is it the same for you?


It doesn’t need to be that way!

There are two major reasons we feel like this. The most important is that we are under pressure to perform – we need to pay the bills, need to get our self-esteem back, desperately want the social acceptance of being ‘in work’…

So the stakes are high. We really don’t want to screw this up. There’s no pressure on earth like the sort we can apply to ourselves, is there?

The second reason is that the interview situation is one we don’t (thankfully!) experience very often, so we don’t get the chance to practice and become ‘good at it’. Interview success can appear elusive or even impossible.

This Brand New Interview Preparation Book is designed to get you through the job interview situation as painlessly as possible. It takes an entirely different approach to the problems encountered in preparing for the interview in new, revolutionary ways that will not only ensure you shine at the interview, but introduces some skills and techniques that will enhance the quality of your relationships for the rest of your life.

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