Expert Advice for a Military Transition CV

7 Items You Should NEVER Include On Your Military Transition CV – Tip Series, Day 5 . . . .

Today’s tip is another that is highly subjective (there’s that pattern again).

NEVER include your Marital Status.

As with the earlier very subjective matters discussed in this series, the issue of marital status should not make a difference; indeed it’s legislated against (as are the examples below).

Unfortunately though, hirers or recruiters are (allegedly) members of the human race. And forget the supposed neutrality and objectiveness of artificial intelligence scanning your CV; it’s programmed by humans. Humans have inbuilt subconscious prejudices. For example, consider these depressingly common scenarios:

  • A married female may be regarded as more emotionally stable than her single counterpart.
  • The likelihood or otherwise of pregnancy and maternity leave may also feature here, particularly when an employer needs to choose between otherwise equal candidates. If one is “of child-bearing age” (whatever that means today), is she more or less likely to get hired?
  • A more senior, single male, may be perceived as potentially homosexual, or even as a threat to an insecure single female employer.

No need to elaborate further really. Enough has already been said about subjectivity and subjective prejudice earlier in the series. Another word for subjectivity in this context, by the way, is perception. Suffice to repeat that it is unwise to include any information or characteristics that are not relevant to the job or that can potentially weaken or undermine the probability of the CV securing an interview for you.

Look out for the next free military transition cv tip tomorrow! It’s a blinder for a Saturday, when you have time to think and ponder a little!

Hope you’re finding these tips useful – don’t forget to leave a comment if you feel there are arguments for or against, or if you simply want to ‘vent your spleen’!

Have a great weekend.

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