Amazon Author – Expert CV and Interview Advice…

I’m now an Amazon Author. Get Expert CV and Interview Advice for peanuts!

I’ve only relatively recently become an Amazon author after years of procrastination. My first Kindle book (which you can see below) was published on 22nd May 2016. I have been gifting the original version of this book to my clients for years, and sold it to non-clients for well over £25. You can get the updated and improved version for Kindle for under £3.

I’m most well-known as a Career Coach and Résumé/CV Writer for the UK military (armed forces), and I’ve also practiced as an Accountant, Management Consultant and HR Professional ‘in a previous life’! I don’t really do much of these latter things now, except for friends. I’m currently the Managing Director of Top Pro CVs and Armed Forces CVs, UK enterprises that specialise in Résumé and CV Writing Services, Career Guidance and Interview Preparation. I became a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (FIRP), part of the Recruiting and Employment Confederation (REC), in 2010.


In the initial promotion it actually hit the No 1 spot, of which I am very proud indeed. Here’s a screenshot:






I then published my CV Writing guide a couple of months later.

The book holds absolutely nothing back, and could be subtitled “Confessions of a Professional CV Writer”. I’ve distilled a lifetime of expertise into this deceptively small treatise. You can take any CV (military or civilian) and improve it dramatically using this book, or even write a killer CV from scratch. Enjoy.

Later this summer I will be publishing my Cover Letter Success book. It’s true to say that a well-written cover letter doubles the effectiveness of a good CV – it’s a crucial tool to getting the CV opened and read. Indeed, if you think about it, a fantastic CV is useless if the prospective employer doesn’t read it….

This is one book I have been itching to write for a very long time. The “humble” cover letter really is the “ying” to the CV’s “yang” – they’re 2 prongs of a very successful “section attack” on your job search if used correctly.










Watch this space…..