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I’m now an Amazon Author. Grab Expert CV and Interview Advice for peanuts!

CV Writer, Copywriter and Interview Coach

I’m most well-known as a CV Writer for the UK military (armed forces and veterans), and as a Freelance Copywriter. I also write for civilian ‘high-flyers’ in the professions – engineers, architects, health care professionals and others.

Commercial Background

Since leaving the Army I’ve practiced as an Accountant, Management Consultant and HR Professional ‘in a previous life’! I’m currently the Managing Director of Armed Forces CVs and Top Pro CVs, UK enterprises that specialise in CV Writing Services, Career Guidance and Interview Preparation.

I became a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (FIRP), part of the Recruiting and Employment Confederation (REC), in 2010.

I do love to write!

I’ve only relatively recently become an Amazon author after years of procrastination. I published my first Kindle book (which you can see below) in 2016. I have been gifting the original version of this book to my clients for years, and sold it to non-clients for well over £25. You can get the updated and improved version for Kindle for under £3 on Amazon.

In the initial promotion it actually hit the No 1 spot, of which I am very proud indeed. Here’s a screenshot:

I then published my CV (Résumé) Writing guide a couple of months later…

The book holds absolutely nothing back, and could be subtitled “Confessions of a Professional CV Writer”. I’ve distilled a lifetime of expertise into this deceptively small treatise. You can take any CV (military or civilian) and improve it dramatically using this book, or even write a killer CV from scratch using the advice and suggestions it contains. Enjoy.

More good things to come…

Later this year, I intend to publish my “Cover Letter Success” book. It’s true to say that a well-written cover letter more than doubles the effectiveness of a good CV – it’s a crucial tool to getting the CV opened and read. Indeed, if you think about it, a fantastic CV is useless if the prospective employer doesn’t read it….

This is one book I have been itching to write for a very long time. The “humble” cover letter really is the “ying” to the CV’s “yang” – they’re 2 prongs of a very successful “section attack” on your job search if used correctly.

Watch this space…..